ARTICLE 1: Preamble

The Latitude 56 sarl which operates the site, limited liability company with a capital of 5000 euros, registered with the RCS Strasbourg, whose registered office is at 55 alley robertsau - 67000 Strasbourg - France (hereinafter referred publishes site, whose main Internet address is: (hereinafter referred to as "the Website"). through its site has an online business selling services or purchase the act.

These services take the form of including an extended right of access to the Site and information are published via a current web browser allowing online consultation or by electronic catalog download models Products & presentation form of photo and or catalog.

The services, information, publications, articles, models or any other denomination used on will be referred to hereinafter as the "Service" or "Services".

The Customer "is defined as a user, featuring a functional email address, individual or representative of a legal person, professional or private, with helpful ways to use the services offered and which he made his case and will assume the costs involved, including, but not limited or is necessary to have all these components: computer in working order, with an internet connection and a web browser capable of connect to the site encrypted and unencrypted HTTP protocol, a consultation of its electronic messaging system, current office software (word processing, spreadsheet, pdf file viewer), a printer, and any software necessary to the security of its Internet browsing (anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, ...).

These general conditions of sale online govern the contractual relationship between the Client and, as part of a distance sales system, the two parties accepting them without reservation. These conditions are available online at the main address mentioned below, and prevail in any other reproduction medium. The Customer declares to have read the following provisions before ordering Services. By choosing to acquire Services, Customer expressly and irrevocably accepts the terms set out below.

The Customer acknowledges his legal capacity to enter into this contract, that is to say, of legal age and not under guardianship if it is a natural person. If it is a corporation, have the power to bind the entity under a sales contract away from supplier-customer type.


If you wish to contact us, our contact details are: Email:

ARTICLE 2 - Characteristics of goods sold offers for sale on the Site or all of its services catalog. The fact sheets presenting the services on the Site do not enter the contractual field. They are only a presentation of the service actually sold. If errors occur, shall in no event shall can only be committed. Only part of the contract between the service sold.

Operating Services formats may take the form of documents in TXT format (including email), HTML (HyperText Markup Language, for the pages of the Site and some emails of electronic information letter), RTF (Rich Text Format for editable documents), PDF (Portable Document Format, for non-editable documents such as invoices, purchase orders and some electronic books and magazines), available online and / or offline. These formats are supported by the majority of current office software market.

The Customer declares expressly to be able to view these document formats and make his case of acquisition for consideration or free of charge software that can exploit these formats. If necessary, the Customer may consult the pages of the Site to learn about examples of recommended software or contact for this purpose.

In order to allow the Customer to rescind its order before validating it definitively, created a control validation system in three stages. A first screen allows the customer to view their shopping cart (the ordered services); a second screen allows him to enter contact information for the proper preparation of its order and the invoice; a third screen allows him to control the ordered services and coordinates entered is correct and that agrees to these terms and conditions. After these three steps, an order is automatically established by, proof of the Customer's order.

The Client will be put in possession of the order by any means possible and by priority download on Site and in the event of difficulties and at the express request of the Customer, attached to email, or by fax or post. A simplified text format copy will also be sent automatically via email to the address provided by the Customer during registration to his details.

The order is considered firm after the receipt by the Customer of email confirming the final registration of the said order, or by putting in possession of the order. This confirmation is date of conclusion of the sale agreement, and acceptance by the Customer of these terms of sale. For preparation of useful evidence, retain the full details of the Customer, and the email address that has enabled him to order and IP address (Internet Protocol) used to connect to the Site, as well as Email Correspondence can be attached to this order.

ARTICLE 3: Product Customization

We offer customized products.

A customization module allows you to design your products according to specific criteria. It allows the user to choose a size, visual and validate their model (BAT) before ordering.

Color selection will be based on the products and colors available.

The order of the products is carried out on the site in the area provided for this purpose, giving the information on the voucher.

(S) products are then delivered to the address specified by the person.

The control of (the) products to be placed before Wednesday for next within 12 days or such shorter time as the product and the geographical area. After that day, and for orders placed in the week between Thursday and Friday will be possible in a delivery time of 15 days.

ARTICLE 4: price, availability, delivery

Prices are in Euros, excluding taxes (VAT) on services catalog. The final price is set at the command line, after application of any reductions, VAT and accounting applicable for online services delivered from France to the Customer. Unless specifically requested by the Customer justifying the right to benefit from special rules on VAT, particularly justified by its geographical location, it is the French VAT for online services that will be due, or 20% calculated on the total price before taxes of the order and after application of any reductions.

The prices displayed on the site are indicated in euros all taxes included French (European VAT and other applicable taxes), including interests in shipping, the cost of treatment of your order and any costs of packaging ..

Proof of the price of the order is recorded in the order, saved as a PDF, and stored securely on the server The well defined price is firm and final. After payment of the total price, the Customer will be in possession of a proforma invoice paid, registered PDF and secure way stored on the server.

Customer located outside of metropolitan France is invited to learn about import duties or taxes that may be applicable in this case and assume responsibility for their declaration and payment. Customer endorsed the costs associated with its Internet connection to access the Site, and all ancillary costs related to the maintenance of its computer and its software tools consulting and use.

We reserve the right to change prices without notice and at any time. Products already ordered will be charged according to the rates at the time of registration of your order.

Despite our best efforts, there may be a number of product on our website includes a pricing error. In this case, we will notify you and will cancel your order unless you choose to accept the order at the new price.

Availability and Delivery

We inform you of the date of standard delivery on the Site on the information page of each product. This date is an indicative date. In case of delay on the announced date, you will be contacted by e-mail as soon as we have that information.

In case you choose to pay by check, by transfer or by phone, your order will be processed upon receipt of payment and delivery date would be shifted accordingly.

If, despite our efforts, a product could not be delivered, we will notify you by e-mail promptly and your order is canceled, without this being able to give it to any compensation other than reimbursement of the order .

Tariffs for the European Community

Orders being shipped from France, no customs duties will apply for deliveries in the European Community.

Deliveries outside the European community are not realized.

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ARTICLE 5 - Payment and transaction security

The price of the order is payable in Euros by credit card (CB, VISA, MASTERCARD, e-Carte Bleue), bank check, bank transfer or other alternative means of payment proposed by Payplug and PAYPAL ( ). does not accept cash payment

(except in exceptional cases where delivery within the seat 55 alley robertsau / 67000 Strasbourg)

To send payment by check in Euros, indicate on the order form: the price, the reference in order, and mailing address.

For payment by bank transfer in euros, the Customer can download a Banking Identity Statement (RIB) directly on site or request to receive it by any means, in particular, and in order of priority: attachment to email, fax, Postal route. Bank charges are client side transfer to the Customer, including in the framework of an international transfer.

For secure online payment, the customer can choose the choice of being sent to the server of the popular Alsace OR CCI Bank or PAYPAL payment server. The security of the credit card transaction is then provided by the service provider in charge of the payment system chosen by the Customer. The order will be validated by when the server bank has given its approval to the transaction and sent the confirmation to

To ensure the security and privacy controls, encryption protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is used on the shop, from the input stage of the Client's password and contact information billing, and until the end of the order, including in trade between the server of the shop and the payment server chosen by the client to process the credit card payment (payment server or Paypal). warns the Customer to the fact that in order to receive protection over SSL, the Customer must always use a compatible browser. emphasizes that optimum safety is ensured by a minimum 128-bit SSL key complemented the good maintenance of the Customer's computer. Maintenance of client computer's integrity is understood not limited to by: applying security updates recommended by the publisher or the software used, control of non-computer corruption Customer reference by security software (in particular anti-virus, anti-spyware, personal firewall and / or hardware).

In the case of alternative payment by PAYPAL system, the customer will benefit from similar security guarantees to those proposed by the system of payment CCI anime authorized and regulated by the xxxxxx xxxxx as the issuing institution of electronic currencies (number of PayPal FSA electronic registration is 226,056). The use of alternative payment system PAYPAL or Payplug is no additional cost to the Customer, making his case for commissions on transactions credited to his account. is never put in possession and can never complete bank details used by the Customer when paying by credit card.

Refusal of payment and order cancellation

For security reasons, we reserve the right to refuse payments and thus cancel orders

- For cards issued by banks domiciled outside the European Union

- To checks other than euro checks drawn on a bank domiciled outside the European Union

- For transfers from banks domiciled outside the European Union

- For a non-referenced delivery address, in hotels or PO boxes

- If we fail to contact the person who placed the order

- For any doubt about the validity of the order

ARTICLE 6: Returns and Refund the difference

Situation which could give rise to return

Three situations can lead to the return to refund your product:

- Your withdrawal of seven (7) days provided by law to return the items without having to prove motive.

- In case of delivery of an article, not in accordance with your order or damaged during transport

Terms return acceptance

In all three cases, the return is accepted:

- You must notify us by phone and you strictly conformed to the return process we will communicate by telephone and / or e-mail;

- Products must be returned in their original packaging, complete, in perfect condition and accompanied by a copy of the original invoice. Incomplete products, damaged or soiled will in no case resumed

- You must bear the return costs

Repayment Terms

We will refund within 30 days of return of goods, net of all discounts, promotions, or vouchers you would benefited when ordering.

You will be refunded by check, credit transfer or credit card at our discretion and solely for the account of the person who made the payment.

The product must meet the following characteristics:

- The same design on your BAT on the basis of an impression on a tuft (fabric) whose quality can not be compared to a photographic rendering.

- Available in the proposed time strictly new.

The product price means the price excluding VAT displayed exceptional discount voucher type, promotional discount code or other point-stocking type of promotional operation or sale including. Are not referenced products sold via Internet auction sites or by private individuals or ads (and) delivered outside metropolitan France.

To obtain a refund of the difference, simply contact us

- A copy of the invoice for the order placed on our site

- A copy of the website page or the name and address of the store in which appears the same product cheaper

After verification, we will credit the value equivalent to the difference between the price of the product you have purchased on our site and the price you have found on a French website or shop in the conditions above.

This offer is limited to one refund per household.

ARTICLE 7: Guarantees and responsibility


You benefit from the provisions of the legal guarantee against hidden defects. In addition, for a period of one year from the date of delivery, the products are guaranteed parts and labor, against their faults. We undertake to refund or exchange, at our option, defective products that you turn back us during this period. This warranty will be, however, granted if:

- You've notified by phone and you conformed to the return process we will communicate by telephone and / or e-mail;

- Failure is not due to abnormal use or non-compliant, an accidental event or an external cause (such as the intervention of unauthorized third on the product)

- To wear or normal aging;

- The shipping and returns of products are full in your load.


We accept no liability in the event that the item delivered does not comply with the legislation of the country of delivery outside the European Union.

We are committed to taking all the care in use in the profession for the implementation of customer services. Nevertheless, our responsibility could not be retained in case of breach of our contractual obligations because of a fortuitous event or force majeure as defined by case law rendered by the French courts.

Furthermore, in case of substantial differences between the photographs of presentation of the articles on our Site, texts and illustrations and the items ordered, our responsibility will not be committed.

We implement all the means at our disposal to ensure the services objects of these general Conditions. We are responsible for all direct and foreseeable damage when using the Site or the conclusion of the sales contract between us and you, though such compensation can not exceed in any case the amount of your last purchase.

In any case we will not incur liability for lost profits, loss of business, loss of data or lost profits or other consequential damages or was not foreseeable when using the Site or the conclusion of the contract Sales between us and you.

The delivered goods remain our property until their shipment upon delivery to the carrier, once you've paid the price.

ARTICLE 8: Site access and property rights consents to the Customer a license to use and non-exclusive registered Services it makes available on its website or that the Customer is put in possession. The license means the right of use for strictly personal use, defined as any use which remains in the strict private sphere of the user.

Under no circumstances you are allowed to download, reproduce, copy, sell, exploit or modify all or part of this Site (including products listed, descriptions, prices, downloading or copying of data usage information, software, sound clips, graphics, images, texts, photographs, tools) without our express written permission.

The Site may contain links to other Internet sites. These other sites are not under our control and in any case, we can not be held liable for the accuracy, respect for intellectual property rights, legality, decency or any other aspect of the content of these sites. not responsible for the unavailability of the Site, its services or consequential services to force majeure as defined by common law, nor the unavailability due to external elements www.risinggolfstars. com has no control.

ARTICLE 9: Protection of personal data

We are committed to protecting the data that you are personal. All personal data we have collected is treated with the strictest confidentiality, in accordance with our Privacy Policy:

- Your personal data we collect from the items you enter, are used solely to process your order in the best conditions possible and provide you adapted offers

- Your personal data are never rented, transferred or sold to third parties for any other purpose than the execution of your order

- You have a right to access and modify all of your personal information on your account management interface secure

- Non-personal information collected from the user navigation on the site are used to improve the service offered to customers, including website usability, products presented or customer relations.

ARTICLE 10: Data Protection Act - Privacy - Personal data

The information requested from the Client during registration to his details are required to process the order by Pursuant to article 27 of the law "Informatique et Liberté" of January 6, 1978, the Customer has a right to access and correct data concerning to This right may be exercised directly from space Customer Site, after identification and authentication, or by written request addressed to

The Customer is informed that during his command or his access to customer space, a "cookie" is placed on your hard drive to enable the website to recognize it. This file has no other destination that the proper conduct of the order, and security of transactions or access to the site. The stored cookie does not contain personal data, but an encrypted number called session, identifiable only by the site The Customer is informed that without accepting the cookie on his computer, it will be impossible to order a service or access to the Customer Area.

ARTICLE 11: Applicable law and jurisdiction

These general conditions of sale are subject to French law.

All disputes concerning the business relationship between you and us are subject to the juridiction of French courts. Failing amicable settlement, the dispute shall be brought before the competent courts and the law allows, before the courts within the jurisdiction of Strasbourg.

ARTICLE 12: Identification is a trademark used to define

This website is owned and operated by Latitude 56 sarl.

This website has been declared to CNIL under the current issue